ViThe Center for Veterinary Medicine

The various centers of the FDA that have been discussed thus far have been concerned with regulations designed to protect the safety and welfare of human beings. But many of the same issues apply equally to animals, which fill a variety of domestic and farming purposes. Such animals consume food that has been supplied through sophisticated food chains that largely mimic the food chains used to supply food for human beings. And they ingest drugs that have been supplied by veterinarians, not only in the treatment of disease but also as an adjunct to certain agricultural practices. The CVM is responsible for the regulation of food and drugs as developed specifically for animals. The existence of a separate center for such purposes is not especially relevant to a discussion of the regulation of nanotechnology, except to keep in mind that regulation need not be concerned only with the welfare of human beings; there are other species that are also potentially affected by nanotechnology products that regulation seeks to protect.

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