Beyond The Landscapes Imaging The Invisible

A.A. Kornyshev, M. Sumetskii


1 Introduction 45

2 Adatom diffusion from STM noise 46

2.1 Assumptions and basic equations 48

2.2 Temporary current correlation function and low-frequency noise for adatom diffusion 50

2.3 How and where to use these formulas 52

2.4 Distinguishing isotropic and anisotropic diffusion 52

2.5 First experimental observations 53

3 STM and molecular reorientations 53

4 What is the true shape of the cluster for a given shape of the tip? 54

5 References 54

Summary. In-situ scanning probe microscopy: how to see the „invisible", e.g., sluggish adsorbed atoms moving along the surfaces, water molecules, etc.? What is the true shape of atomic cluster on the surface studied by a nanoprobe? These and other „nonconventional" questions are discussed in this short overview, covering ideas, the main difficulties in their realization, and the first experimental examples.

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