Heteroepitaxial Deposition on Cu100

A preliminary experiment was performed to investigate the possibility of examining nickel deposition on Cu(100). In this experiment a concentrated nickel electrolyte, 1.5 mol/1 Ni(SC>3NH2)2 with 0.5 mol/1 H3BO3, was used which corresponds directly to that utilized for multilayer deposition. The potential of the Cu(100) electrode was swept in the negative direction until a significant cathodic current, -0.1 mA/cm2, was observed at approx.. -0.658 V. The potential was held at this value while the surface was imaged continuously as nickel was deposited. Numerous imaging instabilities were encountered; however, as shown in Fig. 6, nickel grows epitaxially via step flow with propagation of <110> oriented steps. Further work is in progress.

Fig. 6. A 42 nm x 42 nm image of nickel deposited on Cu(100) at -0.658 V vs. Cu/Cu+, with £tiP= 0.051 V, It = 16 nA and frame time of 31 s. Note the surface steps are oriented in the close-packed <110> direction.
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