Insitu Electrochemical AFM Study of Semiconductor Electrodes in Electrolyte Solutions

K. Uosaki, M. Koinuma


1 Introduction 253

2 Experimental 254

3 Results 255

3.1 Electrochemical reaction of p-InSe electrodes 255

3.2 Atomically resolved structure of GaAs( 100)

surfaces in electrolyte solutions 257

3.3 Electrodeposition of Cu on GaAs( 100) surfaces 259

3.4 AFM tip-induced modification of GaAs( 100) surface structure 262

4 Conclusion 263

5 References 264

Summary. Atomically resolved surface structures were observed at the van der Waals face of InSe and the (100) face of p- and n-GaAs electrodes in electrolyte solutions under potential control by electrochemical atomic force microscope (AFM). The surface structure change of these electrodes during electrochemical reactions was followed.

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