Morphology and Nucleation of NiTi02 LIGA layers M Strobel U Schmidt K Bade J Halbritter


Summary. The quality of an Ni LIGA layer and its adhesion to Ti02.x depend crucially on interface morphology and chemistry. The unique combination of ARXPS (angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy), STM (scanning tunneling microscopy) and DTS (distance tunneling spectroscopy) yield new insights in morphology and stoichiometry on the porous Ti02.x plating ground, on the Ti02_x(0H)yNi0zNi interface, and on the Ni-nucleation and growth. Besides Ti02.x pore dimensions, we identified carbon hillocks with retarded Ni coverage, and the adhesion-promoting interface oxide Ti02.x(0H)yNi02, and we measured, for the first time, in-situ and ex-situ STM nucleation and growth of Ni.

4 Discussion

5 Conclusions

6 References

1 Introduction

2 Experimental

2.1 Preparation of samples

2.2 ARXPS and STM/DTS measurements 3 Results

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