There is a new project with the aim of developing a method which combines the advantages of microelectrochemistry and of SPM. It should be possible to perform microelectrochemical measurements and SPM investigations at the same local points on a sample. This technique will allow observations of corrosion attacks and their surroundings before and after exposure to corrosive conditions. A experiment will include several cycles and one cycle will consist of three steps:

Fig. 12. Combination of microelectrochemistry and STM/AFM.

(1) STM/AFM measurement before electrochemical measurement (Fig. 12(a)).

(2) Electrochemical measurement at the same spot with the STM/AFM tip being withdrawn (Fig. 12(b)).

(3) STM/AFM measurement after electrochemical measurement (Fig. 12(c)).

Acknowledgment The authors thank the Schweizerische Nationalfond for financial support of the present work.

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