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Figure 3. Slow adsorbate-substrate rearrangement phenomena after adsorption of incomplete monolayer (peaks A1 + A2) and subsequent extended polarization at constant potential between peaks A2 and A3. STM-images recorded in 0.01 M HC104 + 0.005M Pb2+ or Tl+.(a) STM image recorded in the system Pb2+/Ag(l 11) after 600 s extended polarization. Window size 12 nm; grayscale range 0.07 nm. The voltammograms represent the voltammetric behavior before and after 600 s polarization, (b) STM image of the transformed coverage in the system Tl+/Ag(l 11) after 3000 s extended polarization. Window size 1.93 nm; gray scale range 0.07 nm.

hcp-coverage (A1+A2)

. I .ana-lime polarization

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