TA Brunt ED Chabala T Rayment SJ OShea ME Welland


1 Introduction 88

2 Experimental 90

3 Results and discussion 92

3.1 Electrocapillary curves 92

3.2 Silver underpotential deposition 94

4 Conclusions 97

5 References 98

Summary. Scanned probe methods for imaging electrochemical deposition on surfaces are now well established. For such methods the surface structure at the atomic scale can be measured so that surface strains may be inferred. Here we demonstrate how extremely sensitive and fast stress sensors can be constructed from atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilevers for studies of interfacial processes such as adsorption and reconstruction. The surface stress sensor has submonolayer sensitivity for use in electrochemistry, whereby simultaneous cyclic voltammograms and stress changes can be recorded. This is demonstrated with measurements of the electrocapillary curve of gold, and stress changes associated with the underpotential deposition of silver on gold (111).

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