Highly Photosensitive Sol Gel Hybrid Nano Materials for Direct Photo Fabrication of Micro Optical Elements

Byeong-Soo Bae

Abstract In this review/chapter, the photosensitivity mechanisms in the sol-gel hybrid nanomaterials are covered with the aim of showing how large photoin-duced changes in the refractive index and/or volume can be obtained. Applying the photo-fabrication technique to these highly photosensitive sol-gel hybrid nanomaterials, a series of micro-optical elements such as diffractive gratings, optical waveguides, and microlenses are described. The emphasis is laid on the advantages brought by such hybrimers over many conventional photosensitive polymers or glasses, for practical application of the directly photo-fabricated micro-optical elements in optical communication, optical data storage, information displays, sensing, and imaging systems.

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