from metallic tubes (fm (metallic tube fraction) = 0)?, and (2) given a technology-specific fm, what is the maximum density of tubes that will preserve a high on-off ratio? Figure 6.11 [27] represents the results obtained from the model for the on-off ratio before and after the break down. Close agreement between numerical results and different experimental observations was also achieved demonstrating the capability of this model to predict the characteristics of CNT/nanowire-based TFTs. Such predictive models would simplify device optimization and expedite the development of this nascent TFT technology.

Organic thin film transistors though attracted a great deal of interest (as critical components for the fabrication of low cost and large area flexible displays and sensors), the major problem in using them in the logic circuits is the requirement of high operating voltage. This problem needs to be focused in order to realize the full practical applicability of these materials.

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