Application Potentials Of Nanotechnology In Space

The identified potential applications of nanotechnology in space travel are hereafter described, which could in future contribute substantially to the space requirements and objectives described above. In accordance with setting of tasks, nano-applications are assigned to the appropriate activities of the nanotechnology competence centers in Germany:

• Functionality by means of chemistry (Nanochem)

• Functional ultra-thin films (Nanolayers)

• Applications of nanostructures in optoelectronics (NanOp)

• Production and use of lateral nanostructures

• Ultra-precise surface treatment (Ultraprecise Surfaces)

• Nanoanalytics

The topic areas nano-materials and nano-biotechnology are assigned to the competence center „Functionality by means of chemistry" (CC Nano-chem) due to thematic proximity. The fields of activities of the competence centers are partly quite similar, so that a clear separation of the topic fields is not possible. In the following chapters content overlaps are therefore unavoidable. This applies in particular to the range of nano-materials, since material aspects play a more or less important role in nearly all nanotechnological developments concerned.

In section 5.1 a confrontation of space-technological requirements and possible applications of nanotechnology is shown in the form of a matrix. The identified potential applications of nanotechnology are described in detail in the chapters 5.2 to 5.7 and summarized and evaluated in chapter 5.8.

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