Commercial use of ISS for nanotechnology

Apart from the basic research the ISS shall increasingly be used for ap- Microgravity experiments plied research in particular with participation of industrial partners. A are rarely considered possible commitment of nanotechnology companies concerning own ex- for own research activi-periments on the ISS was likewise an investigation subject of the in.a notechnology

ANTARES study. As result of a written questioning and different experts meetings with representatives of German nanotechnology companies it is to be stated that microgravity research at present is hardly considered for own R&D activities. This applies not only to the utilization of the ISS, but generally to microgravity research. The reasons for that are discussed in detail in chapter 6.3. Also a use of the ISS for the production of nano-particles and nanomaterials in space for commercial purposes appears at present rather doubtful due to the extremely high transportation costs, limited possibilities of production scaling as well as a hardly quantifiable added value of materials manufactured under microgravity conditions.


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