Earth observation

The earth observation serves both application orientated/commercial and Satellite based earth scientific purposes. The application orientated earth observation covers observation for commer- uses within the ranges of meteorology and oceanography, environmental cial and scientific appli- monitoring as well as safety-relevant clearing-up. Additionally, a stron-cations ger commercialization of earth observation services is aimed at, e.g.

within the ranges of mapping for agriculture and forestry ("precision farming"), raw material exploration, land resource management and disaster monitoring. The scientific earth observation serves the fundamental investigation of atmospheric and biospherical processes, e.g. mechanisms and dynamics of the depletion of the stratospherical ozone layer or the anthropogenic influences on the global atmospheric warm up. The technological base for these earth observation services is formed by satellite based optical, infrared and radar detection systems (e.g. Terra-SAR, Rapid-Eye etc.).

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