Economic potential in terrestrial markets

The economic potential of nanotechnological developments in terrestrial Terrestrial market as markets is consulted as a further evaluation criterion. This is in so far main driver for nano- relevant as the space sector is usually not able to spend own resources on technology product de- cost-intensive nanotechnology developments, but is rather dependent on velopment terrestrial technologies and products (see chapter 5.8.5). The probability of actual nanotechnological product developments correlates here with the expected market potential in the respective terrestrial markets. On the other hand it can also be argued that in individual cases nanotechnology developments within the space sector, as they are accomplished for example by NASA, can lead to spin off effects in other industries and thus make a contribution to the refinancing of the R&D expenditures. For the evaluation the following branches were taken into account, which exhibit a more or less strong overlap with space technologies:

• Information and communication technologies

• Automotive engineering

• Medicine/Life Sciences

• Energy engineering

• Environmental technologies

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