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2.2.1 Europe

In many European countries, (e. g. Finland, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) as in Germany, special research programmes in the field of nanotechnology have been established. An example for a nanotechnology research initiative coordinated at national level is the Swiss program "TOP nano 21", aiming at the efficient transfer of technological inventions into products ready for the market and promoting joint projects of universities and partners from industry.

In France the conception of nanotechnology is based on a strong link to the micro world and/or micro system engineering, which is regarded as a direct predecessor of nanotechnology. In Grenoble the Minatec was established as a competence center for the promotion of innovations in the field of micro- and nanotechnologies. The "Centre National de la Search Scientifique" (CNRS) initiated a program for ultraprecise processing (Ultimatech) and is promoting nanotechnology in the framework of interdisciplinary progammes with an emphasis on material sciences. Beyond that, a national research network ("Réseau de Recherche en Micro et Nano Technologies") and the "French nanotechnology club" exist, which strive for the bundling of nanotechnology activities.

In Great Britain specific measures for nanotechnology promotion started with the establishment of the national initiative on Nanotechnology in the year 1988. Meanwhile, different funding programmes exist, e.g. in the context of Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations (IRC) in Nanotech-nology and University Innovation Centres (UIC).

TOP Nano 21 initiative in the Switzerland

In France a strong linkage between micro- and nanotechnology exists

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Extensive nanotechnology funding in the 6th frame work programme of the EU

On the European Union level in the 5th framework programme nanotech-nological research projects were funded in different programmes (1ST, GROWTH, QoL, etc.) with approx. 50 million € in the year 2001. In the 6th frame work programme nanotechnology funding will rise to annually at least 150 million €, whereby the emphasis will lie in the priority 3 ("nanotechnologies and nanosciences, knowledge based multifunctional material, new production processes and devices") and further in the priorities 1 and 2 ("genomics and biotechnology for health" and „information society technologies") (BMBF 2002).

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