Japan and South East Asia

Japan has meanwhile the world-wide leading position in nationally funded nanotechnology research. Both in the application orientated and the basic research range, numerous nanotechnology research programmes were established. Two of the most important nanotechnology research institutions in Japan are the „Joint Research Center for Atom Technology (JRCAT)" and the „Institute for Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)". As central core of the nanotechnology activities in Japan, the

12 See also www.nano.gov

Nanotechnology Research Institute (NRI) of the National Institute Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has meanwhile been founded. Furthermore, several industrial consortia especially in the range of nanoelectronics exist, which strive for bundled research efforts. The main activities in the nanotechnology field in Japan concentrate on material research as well as on metrology (measurement), production and simulation of nanostructures.

In Southeast Asia, particularly in South Korea, Taiwan, China and Singapore intensified activities in nanotechnology research should be likewise noticed. Significant funds are particularly invested in the establishment of an institutional infrastructure, e.g. in China (Nano Network of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), in Taiwan (Nanotechnology Center with emphasis in electronics and materials) and in Korea (Center for Science in Nanometerscale, Nano Bioelectronics & Systems Research Center).

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