Nanotechnologically improved components for energy generation and storage

Within the range of energy production and storage for space systems there are several approches for nanotechnological improvements. In the field of solar cells for space applications III/V compound semiconductor solar cells at present are the most efficient systems. The technology is highly developed, whereby the USA is leading with regard to space applications. Also in Germany activities are to be registered concerning the space utilization of III/V semiconductor solar cells with funding of the DLR.

In a long-term period also thin film solar cells based on polymer foils are relevant for space applications, which are light and cheap but however exhibit low efficiencies of approx. 10 %, so that further progress has to be achieved. The development of supercondensers is likewise a topic with space relevance. In this field a BMBF funded joint project with participation of the company Dornier is accomplished at present.

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