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Nanotechnology meanwhile is established as an individual field of public research and development programs in nearly all industrialized states. The public funding for nanotechnology, which has been increasing strongly worldwide in the last years, exceeded the sum of 1,5 billion $ in the year 2001. The leading nations with regard to public nanotechnology funding are Japan (approx. 650 million $ funds in 2002) and the USA (approx. 604 million $ in 2002) followed by Western Europe (approx. 400 million $ in 2002). Also other industrial countries particularly the Southeast Asiatic area (Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, China) intensify their research efforts in the field of nanotechnology. Illustration 1 shows the world-wide development of public nanotechnology funding from 1997 to 2002. Remarkable is the strong rise in the section „other states", which relates to Australia, Canada, China, Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. The Western European funding, from which the portion of Germany constitutes approx. 50 %, was in 1997 approximately on the same level as Japan and the USA. This dropped back since then however. After only a small rise of the European funds in the year 2001 however, a substantial growth of up to approx. 441 million Euro is expected for the year 2002 (BMBF 2002).

Japan and USA leading with regard to public nanotechnology funding

Other industrialized countries are catching up

Estimated Public Funding for Nanotechnology

Estimated Public Funding for Nanotechnology





Illustration 1: Public Funding for Nanotechnology in Mio. $ per year (Source: Roco 2002, partly based on estimations)

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