Space application fields

The implementation of nanotechnology for space applications will depend strongly on the development of commercial space activities and the realization of demanding scientific missions (e.g. manned Mars mission) in the future. Impulses could arise in particular from the commercial range, for which a substantial rise of the world market volume up to approx. 150 billion $ is prognosticated for the year 2005 (ISBC 2000, see chapter 5.8.4).25

25 This figure seems to be overestimated with regard to the current market trend, in particular in the range of telecommunication satellites

The telecommunications sector will take the largest portion of the commercial sector with satellite-based broadband multimedia services (television, video conferences, Internet etc.) and mobile communication applications, followed by satellite navigation and positioning and earth observation (meteorology, geographical information services etc.).

In addition, within the scientific range, missions are discussed which can only be implemented with achievement of technological breakthroughs in the range of nanotechnology as well. In the following, the main tasks of the space application fields are summarized in the light of respective technology programmes of the ES A (ESTEC 1999) and the BMBF (BMBF 2001). These seven topic fields of space form the basis of the confrontation of space technology requirements with potential applications of nanotechnology as shown in chapter 5.1.

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