Quantitative Analysis of STM and AFM Observation

Basically these methods are same as the analysis by TEM observation; the images obtained by scanning tunnel microscopy (STM) or atomic force microscopy observation (AFM) are treated statistically through computer analyses in order to evaluate the pore size distribution. Inagaki et al. applied the STM method to activated carbons from phenolformaldehyde resin particles and compared the pore size parameters obtained with those by the adsorption method [41-43].

Figure 13. Digitized picture of a TEM image for ACF obtained using the image scanner. The inset (b) is the power spectrum of fast Fourier transform of (a), and (c) is the binary image of (a). Reprinted with permission from [40], K. Oshida et al., J. Mater. Res. 10, 2507 (1995). © 1995, Elsevier.

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