Quantitative Considerations

Although there are quite a lot of theories for the mechanical properties of composite materials, usually they do not offer a general solution. In the case of nanocomposites, for example, in which the nanofillers are used to modify the properties of the polymer matrix at a rather low filler concentration, it is sometimes rather difficult to describe the performance by using the theories for conventional polymer composites [205]. Specified models have to be worked out as a result. Nevertheless, nanocomposites are a rather new member of the family of composite materials, and for the moment continuous efforts are needed to collect as much information as possible about their deformation behavior and damage processes. We are far from the stage of concluding theoretical estimations with adequate applicability and predicability. Instead, analyses of case studies would help to establish a knowledge path and a frame of methodology for dealing with a quantitative description of the mechanical role of nanoparticles in composites.

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