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Chapter 7

Preface IX

Medicine, Dental and Pharmaceutical Applications 1

Advances in Collagen/Hydroxyapatite Composite Materials 3

Anton Ficai, Ecaterina Andronescu, Georgeta Voicu and Denisa Ficai

Composite Scaffolds for Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine 33

John P. Gleeson and Fergal J. O'Brien

Composite Material Stent Comprising Metallic and Non-metallic Materials 59

Yuzo Shomura

Composite Materials for Some Biotribological Systems 75

Jan R. Dabrowski, Piotr Deptula and Joanna Mystkowska

Liposil, a Promising Phospholipid/Silica Composite Material 101

Begu Sylvie, Aubert-Pouessel Anne, Lerner Dan A and Devoisselle Jean-Marie

Nanocomposites for Energy Efficiency 117

Advances in Thermoelectric

Energy Conversion Nanocomposites 119

Lusheng Su and Yong X. Gan

Metal Oxides and Their Composites for the Photoelectrode of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells 181

Jae-Joon Lee, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Subrata Sarker, N.C. Deb Nath, A.J. Saleh Ahammad and Jae Kwan Lee

VI Contents

Chapter 8 Nanocomposites for Photovoltaic Energy Conversion 211

Xianwu Zeng and Yong X. Gan

Chapter 9 Composite Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Technologies 267

Liga Grinberga and Janis Kleperis

Chapter 10 Development of Tunable Nanocomposites Made from

Carbon Nanotubes for Electrochemical Applications 289

María José Esplandiu, Mireia Baeza, Rosa Olivé-Monllau, Francisco Céspedes and Jordi Bartrolí

Chapter 11 Synthesis, Sintering Behaviour and Mechanical Properties of Lead-Ceramic (Nano-) Composites for Acid Battery Grids 315

Alexandre Maître and Michel Vilasi

Chapter 12 Polymer Nanocomposites:

Synthesis and Physical Properties 343

Gleb Yu. Yurkov, Alexandr S. Fionov, Oleg V. Popkov,

Igor D. Kosobudskii, Nikolay A. Taratanov and Olga V. Potemkina

Chapter 13 Coupled Semiconductor Metal Oxide Nanocomposites: Types, Synthesis Conditions and Properties 365

Mohammad Reza Vaezi

Part 3 Characterization and Fabrication 401

Chapter 14 Strength Prediction of Composite Materials from Nano- to Macro-scale 403

Konstantinos I. Tserpes

Chapter 15 Effect of Spark Plasma Sintering in Fabricating Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite Materials 429

Hansang Kwon and Akira Kawasaki

Chapter 16 Formation of Various Nanocarbon and Composite Structures by Laser Ablation 445

Fumio Kokai

Chapter 17 On the Transport Phenomena in Composite Materials using the Fractal Space-Time Theory 477

Vizureanu Petrica and Agop Maricel

Chapter 18 Dependence of Thermal and Electrical Conductivities of Actinide-Zirconium-Hydride Composite Materials on Hydrogen Concentration 495

B. Tsuchiya, K. Konashi and M. Yamawaki

Contents VII

Chapter 19 Dye Doped Polymer-Filled Nanoporous Glass

- a New Class of Materials for Laser Optics 507

Modest Koldunov and Alexander Manenkov

Chapter 20 Broadband Spectral Analysis of Non-Debye

Dielectric Relaxation in Percolating Heterostructures 535

E. Tuncer, J. Belattar, M. E. Achour and C. Brosseau

Chapter 21 Advanced Cellulosic Nanocomposite Materials 547

Qingzheng Cheng, David DeVallance, Jingxin Wang and Siqun Wang

Chapter 22 Composite Material for Shielding Mixed Radiation 565

Hu Huasi

Chapter 23 Isotope Effects Induced by Exterior Actions on the Solid Surface 593

Nikolay N. Nikitenkov, Yurii I. Tyurin and Vitalii V. Larionov

Chapter 24 Cavity Enhanced Laser Cooling of Solids 617

Biao Zhong, Youhua Jia and Jianping Yin

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