Bilayer repeat period (A) The total thickness of two different repeating nanolayers, which form a nanolayered composite.

Nanocomposite A composite material having dimensions of morphological elements (i.e., average diameter of grains, thickness of layers, etc.) within the nanoscale range between 2 and 100 nm (1 nm = 10-9 m).

Nanocrystalline composite A nanocomposite consisting of grains having an average diameter within the nanoscale range.

Nanoindentation Method of hardness evaluation based on a load-penetration depth curve, which is a result of a computer-controlled automatic record where the normal force (load) and the penetration depth vary from 20 /N to 300 mN and from 10 nm to 200 /m, respectively. Nanolayered composite A nanocomposite consisting of layers having a thickness within the nanoscale range. The layers are called nanolayers.

Stabilization phenomenon Stabilization of nonequilibrium crystal phases on the nanoscale range between alternating nanolayers, which are used as a template. Superhard materials Materials having a microhardness higher than 40 GPa.

Superhardness phenomenon A significant microhardness enhancement higher than 40 GPa in artificial nanocompos-ites that is solely defined by an optimal nanostructure and composition.

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