Magnetoresistance Change of resistance of a compound when applying a magnetic field. The MR can be positive or negative. The term "colossal" was used for manganite compounds where the effect is sereral orders of magnitude. Perovskite Structure of ABO3 compounds that have been extensively used in the literature. This structure is found in high Tc superconductors, colossal magnetoresistance materials.

Pulsed laser deposition A technique used to grow thin film. Briefly, a laser beam is directed at a solid target. The interaction of the pulsed laser beam with the target produces a plume of material that is transported toward a heated substrate placed directly in the line of the plume. Strain Results from the difference in lattice parameter between the film and the substrate. This mismatch is responsible for some differences in the properties/structure of a thin film. Films can be under tension (when the lattice parameter of the film is larger than the substrate) or under compression (when the lattice parameter of the film is smaller than the substrate).

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