Growth Of Manganite Thin Films

CMR manganite materials are compounds crystallizing in a perovskitelike structure which, apart from manganese and oxygen, contain rare earths and/or lanthanide cations. The prototype compound is La1-X CaxMnO3, but there are many other related structures. Numerous studies were performed on the hole doped La0.7A0.3MnO3 manganites (where A = Sr or Ca) since these CMR materials exhibit so far the highest Curie temperatures (often associated with an insulator-to-metal temperature transition). Such high transition, close to room temperature, makes them suitable for applications [12]. As previously said, there are many different compounds due to the fact that the A-site cation can be a lanthanide or a rare earth. Thus, number systems have been studied in the form of thin films (see some examples in Table 1) [13]. To detail the situation in terms of synthesis, this section is divided into three parts. First, in Section 2.1, we will review the parameters that govern the growth of these oxides (temperature, oxygen pressure, etc.), and we will consider the progress made in the synthesis of these materials. We will also focus on the different techniques for the growth of thin films. Then in Section 2.2, we will discuss the different studies that were carried out to understand the structure and the microstructure of the thin films for the simple perovskite oxides and also for the results of the double ordered perovskites. Finally, some physical measurements will be presented (Section 2.3).

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