Figure 6. Cross-section TEM images of an unburied IP/GaIP(001) island taken from [110] (a) and [110] (b). A schematic model of the island shape deduced from the combination of plan-view and cross-section TEM images is shown in (c). Reprinted with permission from [134], K. Georgsson et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 67 2981 (1995). © 1995, American Institute of Physics and Prof. W. Seifert.

Maehashi et al. [146] fabricated CdSe/ZnSe on GaAs (001) using MBE and characterized the sample using planview TEM. They found CdSe QDs with a rhombic base with edges along (510) and with the long axis of about 20 nm in length along [110] and the short axis of about 13 nm along [110].

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