Parenteral Administration

Lipid nanoparticles can be employed for intraveneous injection, intraarticular drug delivery (e.g., treatment of arthritis), prolonged drug release after subcutaneous injection, but also for local treatment in body cavities or release from body cavities (e.g., IP). The basic advantages of NLCs for these application purposes are the higher drug load, higher particle concentrations in the dispersions, and thus lower injection volumes and higher flexibility in modulating the drug release profile.

There are also reports in the literature that SLNs can be used for the delivery of drugs to the brain, as mentioned above. Reports describing brain delivery of drugs by SLNs [34, 69] are relatively reluctant to specify the total amount of particles (and drug) delivered. It seems to still be a relatively low percentage; it is more important to have a very high drug loading to use such effects for therapy. NLCs with improved loading compared to SLNs offer the perspective to be successfully exploited for brain delivery.

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