1 Nanotechnologies for Cancer Sensing and Treatment 1

Phong A. Tran

2 Monitoring Tissue Healing Through Nanosensors 41

Lei Yang and Thomas J. Webster

3 Monitoring Inflammation and Infection via

Implanted Nanosensors 61

Batur Ercan, Nhiem Tran, and Thomas J. Webster

4 DNA-Based Nanotechnology Biosensors for Surgical Diagnosis 75

Yupeng Chen and Hongchuan Yu

5 Electrically Active Neural Biomaterials 95

Justin T. Seil and Thomas J. Webster

6 Biodegradable Metals and Responsive Biosensors for Musculoskeletal Applications 115

Huinan Liu

7 Carbon Nanotube-Based Orthopedic Implant Sensors 139

Sirinrath Sirivisoot

Index 161

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