Scope of the investigation 4421 Subjects of the investigation

The detailed investigations in this case study are limited to the following display technologies:

• Liquid-crystal display - LCD

• Organic light-emitting display - OLED

• Plasma display panel - PDP

• Carbon nanotube-based field-emitter display - CNT FED

The CRT, the conventional and currently most widely used display technology, and the likewise well-established LCD face two new nanotechnological rivals: the OLED and the CNT FED. These are still primarily in research and development, but some product applications using OLEDs are already on the market. Plasma displays are already available commercially in various configurations and are being promoted as the best solution for large displays and information read-outs. In exactly this segment of the market, FEDs are said to have great potential; comparisons are thus made to plasma technology.

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