Summary and prospects for the implementation of quantum dots

Quantum dots are nanoscale particles at the boundary between molecule and solid body. Their composition and tiny size are responsible for their extraordinary optical properties, which may be adjusted to meet specific requirements by changing the size and chemical composition (of the surface). Under stimulation they can be induced to emit light. In contrast to other light sources, they generate an extremely pure and bright light and can at the same time emit an entire spectrum of colors by stimulation of a single wavelength.

It is anticipated that quantum dot technology will have a firm place in display technology in the long term, especially in combination with OLEDs, however their development is not yet as far along as that of the

OLED. The use of quantum dots will further enhance the efficiency of light sources, generate more brilliant colors, and reduce the number of necessary manufacturing steps in display manufacture. These are economic and environmentally relevant advantages in favor of quantum dots and the use of their optical properties in lighting technology. However, an industrial application is not to be expected in the near future.

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