This book is a collective effect of the following people: Ralph Abraham, Ross Adey, Sigma Alpha, Fred Anderson, Amy Barnes, Joanne Barnes, Michel Bornens, Burnell Brown, George Carlson, Forrest Carter, Peter Christiansen, Jim Clegg, John Condeelis, Leonor Cruzeiro, Marc DeBrabander, Yves Engelborghs, Lawrence Fried, Herbert Fröhlich, Kit Grantham, Jamie, Harrison, Lillian, Amy, and the entire Hameroff/Kaplan/Bowman family, Max Headroom, Emery Hetrick, Dixie Holmes, Paul Jablonka, Martha Juarez, Jan Julianus, Ben Kahn, Charles Kiselyak, Djuro Koruga, Julio Kuperman, Teruo Matsumoto, Leo Martin, Kathleen McAuliffe, Claris Nelson, Michio Okuma, Karl Pribram, Mary Quimby, Steen Rasmussen, Conrad Schneiker, Alwyn Scott, Steven Smith, Branko Soucek, Arthur Villa, Rich Watt, Juli Weiss and Arthur Winfree.

Most of the artwork was thoughtfully done by scientist/systems engineer/artist Paul Jablonka. Conrad Schneiker supplied most of the material on nanotechnology and replicators for Chapter 10, and compiled the appendices. I am indebted to the Laboratory for Advanced Mathematics and Physics at the Technical University of Denmark and the Danish Camping Union who hosted me, Jamie and Harrison during our sabbatical. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of my colleagues in the Department of Anesthesiology and the College of Medicine, University of Arizona who permitted me time and mental latitude. Thanks to Personal TeX's port of Don Knuth's TeX, plus Leslie Lamport's LaTeX, Textset's DVILASER/PS, Boreland's Turbo Lightning, Adobe Systems' PostScript, Apple's Macintosh and LaserWriter, IBM's PC/AT and its clones, QMS's PS800 laser printer and Xerox's machines and their clones. The ever friendly and competent technical support from Textset, Personal TeX and HDS Systems is also greatly appreciated. [2003 Note: For various reasons, the electronic version of this book was formatted by the often wonderfully convenient but also sometimes obnoxiously troublesome Microsoft Word 2002. While Word 2002 was a great time-saver overall compared to the previous tools, some pretty basic things that previously worked fine out of the box would have required too much additional work to reasonably replicate here. Hence the above-mentioned people, products, and companies should not be held responsible for the ironically sometimes less satisfactory typographical results some 16years later.]

Finally, Jan Julianus and Elsevier North-Holland deserve credit for their instigation and patience.

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